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Aaron Rose is a professional personal trainer based in Leamington Spa with over ten years experience working alongside clients within the fitness industry.

Favouring a scientifically driven, evidence based approach to exercise and nutrition, he has helped many people change their lives and achieve new levels of excellence in strength training and athletic pursuits. Whether your own goals entail fat loss, muscle gain, improved strength, fitness, mobility or all of the above, Aaron has the knowledge and practical abilities necessary to achieve them.

Further specialising in powerlifting; he works with fine attention to the biomechanics and correct execution of every movement to ensure that maximum potential efficiency, performance output, and safety are maintained at all times, a quality sorely lacking in many trainers encountered on the gym floor.


Personal Training

 Consistent one-to-one or small group training with ongoing support and regular reprogramming

£30 Per Session* 

Deals available when multiple session are booked*

Personal Programming

Infrequent one-to-one or small group sessions providing exercise tuition and programming that can be carried out alone thereafter

£30 Per Session* 

Deals available when multiple session are booked*




Aaron is a top trainer and really knows his stuff and not just your entry level stuff, explains everything in detail right down to how and why each exercise of technique works, has helped me improve in just one session, I highly recommend him to anybody.

Neil Basley






I’ve been training with Aaron for over 2 years now and the results have been excellent, initially losing 3 stone in weight and then building up to become much stronger. What I like is that working with him really feels like teamwork. Although I’m doing the actual work, it feels like we are achieving the goals together. Good listener too, when I want to work on something specific or avoid something due to injury, he’ll modify the program accordingly. I recommend Aaron very highly.

Andy Beckett

IT Consultant





As an intermediate strength athlete, achieving significant performance improvements requires attentive and nuanced coaching. Training with Aaron has offered this and the results have been substantial. Changes in posture, breathing, positioning and more have lead to an increase of around 30kg in the deadlift, a movement I previously struggled with. My bench press has also improved with highly tailored coaching points to suit my specific leverages and body type as well as broader coaching points alongside this.

Alex Crane






To gain or not to gain: that is the question. To whittle the hours of one’s life away focusing on chasing that aesthetic perfection, without even knowing if you’re doing anything right. Benching face down, deadlifting with a curved back, not knowing what a false grip, hook grip, or reverse grip even is. With Aaron, the question evaporates! Gaining became easy, and enjoyable. I feel confident in my form, happy in the gym, and I have made huge improvements in my strength and my appearance. None of this would have been possible without the enthusiastic, encouraging, ebullient, engaging, and often hilarious training of the great Aaron Rose. Thank-you so much, man!

Ryan Wilkinson

Masters Student





I have been training with Aaron for many years and he is an extremely knowledgeable, skilled and hardworking personal trainer. Through training with Aaron I have learnt how to carry out powerlifiting techniques safely and correctly. Aaron always ensures above anything, that correct form is carried out. I have gained a great deal of confidence and knowledge about training through Aaron as he is always willing to answer any question about training or nutrition. Aaron always caters sessions to what I want to acheive, whether that be to strengthen a particular movement or become more confident in a movement. I would highly recommend training with Aaron to anyone who wants to push themselves with their training as his knowledge in this field is second to none.

Sam Pickstock




When I started working with Aaron I had about three years’ experience in strength training including a brief foray into bodybuilding. I wanted to find my feet in a new gym, and to give some structure and focus to my training as my progress had been stalling. Aaron quickly identified improvements to my technique, which enhanced my lifting capabilities and helped me build confidence in my body’s performance and my skill as a lifter. Through Aaron’s support, and programming informed by his years of experience and continuous professional development, I was able to successfully enter my first powerlifting competition and not only hit every single lift but also place first in my weight class. Aaron is a highly skilled, professional, and attentive trainer and coach. I love working with him and would wholeheartedly recommend his services.

Karoline Schneider

Competitive Powerlifter


Before I started training with Aaron, I used to confine myself to the cardio machines. I saw my confidence grow so quickly when I started training with him. In a short space of time I saw great changes in what I was able to squat and deadlift. This translated into great changes in my body. He pushed me to build on what I was doing every week, and focused on using correct form to carry out the movements, in order to reduce risk of injury. I would recommend him to anyone looking to start their fitness journey, or for anyone looking to push themselves harder and out of their comfort zone.

Vivienne Ficarra



Online Services

Online Coaching

Consistent online correspondence coaching with ongoing support and regular reprogramming

£40 Per Month 

Online Programming

Infrequent online correspondence programming that can be carried out alone thereafter

£40 Per Programme

Your gut bacteria is not making you fat

Your gut bacteria is not making you fat

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